The CMF Wildcard Challenge

Check out the highest viewed movies from this semesters participating CMF Universities as they compete over 3 rounds. The Final Four films advance to CMF Hollywood in June!

How it works

Movie views start at zero for each round. The movie with the most views in each round will win that round and move on to the following round to compete agains another movie.



Q: Do people have to watch from the wildcard page? 
A: No, people can watch your movie on your movies page, on youtube, or on the wildcard page.  

Q: How are views counted  
A: Our system counts new views you've received each day.  All movie views are counted by youtube and if you've got questions as to why views aren't counting please check with youtube directly. 

Q: Why are my views starting at zero for each round?  Does that mean my total view count has gone to zero?   
A: Not at all.  Your total view count can still be seen on your campusmoviefest.com movies page and also on youtube.  The wildcard bracket just counts views that happen within the round timeframe for each round so not to worry.