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Cecil Mack

School: Rollins College Grad Student

Talent: Writer, Director, Producer

Currently the captain of Decoy Films, Storyteller Films

Cecil's Teams' Movies
Campus Finalist
Team: Decoy Films | Rollins College 2011
Campus Finalist

Brendan, the campus guide, gives a tour to two international students, and no one speaks the same language.

date posted: 2011-02-09 | views: 518 | type: Movie

"Karmic Hunter" Behind the Scenes
"Karmic Hunter" Behind the Scenes
Team: Decoy Films | Rollins College 2010

When a rag-tag team of indie film makers deal with the trails of making quality b-movies, the behind the scenes can be much more entertaining than the picture itself.

date posted: 2010-07-14 | views: 77 | type: Movie

Out of the Box
Campus Finalist
Out of the Box
Team: The Voyagers | Rollins College 2010
Campus Finalist

Three people wake up in a room sealed with no escape. As they realize they're cries can't be heard, they find their lives building up and breaking down around them. If only they knew th... more

date posted: 2010-07-14 | views: 327 | type: Movie

Cecil's Favorites
Wanderlust Pictures
Rollins College

Movie List: Celluloid Savior

Captain: Brendan Monroe

date posted: 2011-02-02 | type: Team

About Cecil


Full Name: Cecil Mack
School: Rollins College
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