Joyce Eli Bevins

School: Indiana University

Talent: Director, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer, Actor

About me: I am one of the founders of Eli Lu Productions

Currently the captain of Eli Lu

Joyce's Teams' Movies
My Dear Arthur
Jury Award
My Dear Arthur
Team: Eli Lu | Indiana University 2015
Jury Award, Campus Finalist

A mother suspected of witch craft takes her own life and her son's to avoid death by the townspeople. She puts their spirits in a painting in hopes to live again through the souls of a co... more

date posted: 2015-03-31 | views: 1,880 | type: Movie

Elfenworks Submission
Team: Eli Lu | Elfenworks Social Justice Opportunity 2015
Elfenworks Submission

Society may label you based on stereotypes, creating a false identity, but when people take the time to know one another for who they truly are, prejudices subsides. Change starts with... more

date posted: 2015-05-02 | views: 532 | type: Movie

Systematic Living
Elfenworks Social Justice Winner
Systematic Living
Team: Eli Lu | Indiana University 2014
Elfenworks Social Justice Winner, Campus Finalist, Virgin America In-flight, Virgin America In-flight, Elfenworks Submission

A girl's dream reminds her of the harsh reality living in a economically disadvantaged neighborhood. She uses spoken word to spread hope and change.

date posted: 2014-04-01 | views: 1,705 | type: Movie

Joyce's Favorites
Indiana University
Indiana University

Date: 2014-04-06

date posted: 2014-01-16 | type: Festival

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Eli & Lu
Indiana University

Captain: Lu Bevins

date posted: 2014-03-12 | type: Team

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Full Name: Joyce Eli Bevins
School: Indiana University
Youtube: www.youtube.com/Eli Lu Productions
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