Nick Jarvis

School: West Virginia University


Currently the captain of CACN, NAB, NACB, NACB , Nick's Crew

Nick's Team's Projects
Nick Jarvis's Project
Nick Jarvis's Project
Team: CACN

date posted: 2014-09-05 | views: 0 | type: Movie

Nick's Teams' Movies
The Impossible Search
The Impossible Search
Team: NACB | West Virginia University 2014

In a post apocalyptic world a man and his close friend struggle to stay alive in their new environment. After losing his friend, he must continue on...

date posted: 2014-09-05 | views: 91 | type: Movie

Cereal Monster
Cereal Monster
Team: CACN | West Virginia University 2013

Traped in the CAC at night three students find their way out, but not with out a the following at a creeper...

date posted: 2013-09-05 | views: 33 | type: Movie

Nick's Favorites
Harry Kirby
University of Bristol

Captain: Harry Kirby

date posted: 2012-04-26 | type: Band

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Full Name: Nick Jarvis
School: West Virginia University
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