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Kathleen Walthall

School: Salem State University

Talent: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Writer, Director

About me: Movies man. That shit is dope. I'm in the BA program at Salem State university for theater arts and have been doing all of the above talents for the past six years. I'm not entirely expecting to go anywhere with it (that is the dream after all) but I suppose the real excitement in this field is to challenge myself, and to have fun every single time.

Currently the captain of Kathleen Walthall's Crew

Kathleen's Teams' Movies
Jane: The Story of Steve
Campus Finalist
Jane: The Story of Steve
Team: Kathleen Walthall's Crew | Salem State University 2014
Campus Finalist

A dark comedy about memories, cocaine, and dbags.

date posted: 2014-04-02 | views: 176 | type: Movie

Dream Boy
Campus Finalist
Dream Boy
Team: Elly Azevedo's Crew | Salem State University - 2013 2013
Campus Finalist

Two girls imagine what it might be like to date a romantic cliché but find that perhaps men like that are best left to the imagination.

date posted: 2013-04-10 | views: 531 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Kathleen Walthall
School: Salem State University
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