Jenny Evanowski

Talent: Being Awesome, Actor, stealing the show

About me: Jenny grew up on the planet Dagoba, where she mastered the Jedi arts under the teachings of a mysterious former padawan of the great master Yoda. Her master also taught her in the ways of voice acting, which is displayed prominently in her debut role as Heals who, let's face it, steals the show. Jenny promises to never use her Jedi powers to win, even though the AWESOME Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn did just that. Jenny feels that it would be unfair to all the other contestants, and besides, "A Walk in our Shoe" is a guaranteed win anyway. Cheers!

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A Walk In My Shoes
A Walk In My Shoes
Team: DelMas Productions | Rutgers University 2013

Shoes stop motion

date posted: 2013-03-24 | views: 279 | type: Movie

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