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Paul Stamper

School: CMF Central Undergraduate

Talent: VFX, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Production Designer, Actor

Currently the captain of Paul Stamper, Paul Stamper's Crew

Paul's Teams' Movies
Elfenworks Submission
Team: Paul Stamper | Elfenworks Social Justice 2016 2016
Elfenworks Submission

Domestic abuse is not an easy thing to experience, especially not an easy thing to tell. This film contains three actual stories of domestic abuse, and the hopeful advice that is given. D... more

date posted: 2016-03-21 | views: 851 | type: Movie

Campus Finalist
Team: Paul Stamper | Fitchburg State University 2015
Campus Finalist

A robot named Sypher believes in something that no robot should believe in. Because of this belief, Sypher creates the odds that no human being should endure. This is the story of technol... more

date posted: 2015-02-25 | views: 1,716 | type: Movie

The Dare
The Dare
Team: Paul Stamper's Crew | Fitchburg State University 2013

This is a movie about three young men going into the scary basement of one of the buildings because they were dared to. Throughout the film, a friend is recording everything on a camcorde... more

date posted: 2013-03-27 | views: 162 | type: Movie

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About Paul


Full Name: Paul Stamper
School: CMF Central
Birthday: 1993-11-10
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