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Thomas Jaeger

School: Indiana University Undergraduate

Talent: Director, Writer

About me: Sophomore student at Indiana University. Majoring in Journalism and minoring in music and CMCL. I love film, writing, and all forms of music.

Currently the captain of Bemused Entertainment, Jenkins and Friends, Thomas Jaeger's Crew

User's Team's Projects
Thomas Jaeger's Project
Thomas Jaeger's Project
Team: Jenkins and Friends | Indiana University 2014

date posted: 2014-03-25 | views: 0 | type: Movie

User's Teams' Movies
Spell it Out
Spell it Out
Team: Jenkins and Friends | Indiana University 2013

"Spell it Out" is a short film about a Chester, a college student that believes he is a wizard. He spends the duration of the film trying to prove this to his peers. He runs into troubl... more

date posted: 2013-03-19 | views: 127 | type: Movie

This Will Be Cake
Campus Finalist
This Will Be Cake
Team: Bemused Entertainment | Indiana University 2015
Campus Finalist

A short film about Nick, a screenwriter who has hit writer's block in his attempt to come up with his next great idea.

date posted: 2014-03-25 | views: 423 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Thomas Jaeger
School: Indiana University
Email: tjaeger@indiana.edu
Twitter: www.twitter.com/tj_jaeger
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