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Talent: Actress, Writer, Jokester

About me: Leah was born and raised in the great state of New York, although she flew the coop for four years to study at The University of Virginia. As a writer and actress, she finds that she is well-suited for characters who are funny, charming, and mostly relatable. She shamelessly listens to Britney Spears and enjoys a good buffet. Leah studies improv at the UCB and she recently closed an off-off-Broadway play in March. She lives in the Lower East Side and spends her time writing films, creating small character pieces, performing for anyone who will watch, and not doing push ups.

Leah's Teams' Movies
The Audition
Campus Best Drama
The Audition
Team: Rabid Fox Media Company | Hunter College 2013
Campus Best Drama, Campus Finalist

When a gullible actress enters a suspicious audition, she must discover where acting ends and reality begins, or become part of something far more dangerous.

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Full Name: Leah Lamarr
School: leahlamarr@gmail.com
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