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Jordan Grayum Mills

School: Emory University Undergraduate

Talent: Cinematographer, Editor, SpFX / Animator

Currently the captain of Jordan Grayum Mills's Crew, Miller's Marauders, Temporary Crew Name

Jordan's Teams' Movies
drops of gold
Campus Finalist
drops of gold
Team: Miller's Marauders | Emory University 2013
Campus Finalist

A documentary about the Tibetan Monks that study at Emory University.

date posted: 2013-02-11 | views: 117,668 | type: Movie

Campus Best Picture
Team: Studio 53 | Emory University 2014
Campus Best Picture, Campus Finalist

In a world of sappy cliches, The Tin-Man goes from date to date, unable to understand the idea of romance. Seemingly heartless, his luck is about to turn when he discovers he is not alone.

date posted: 2014-02-09 | views: 1,227 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Jordan Grayum Mills
School: Emory University
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