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Dominique Barfield

School: Emory University Undergraduate

Talent: Editor, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Composer

About me: I'm shameless famous for being famously shameless. My autograph has a hashtag in it. Humanist. Human. Sketchball. Creator and writer of Brotips, except the ones that suck. Writer-turned-musician and part-time movie guy. Known to fratchill. Google me.

Currently the captain of Sketchbook Pictures

Dominique's Teams' Movies
Whatever You Like
Whatever You Like
Team: Sketchbook Pictures | Emory University 2013

Three unrelated couples have a day out before being unified by an occurrence out of their control.

date posted: 2013-02-11 | views: 142 | type: Movie

(500) Days of Selfies
Campus Finalist
(500) Days of Selfies
Team: Sketchbook Pictures | Emory University 2014
Campus Finalist

A girl's friends stage an intervention for her self-destructive lifestyle, but not the kind you might think.

date posted: 2014-02-26 | views: 309 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Dominique Barfield
School: Emory University
Website: www.brotips.com
Blog: brotips.tumblr.com
Facebook: facebook.com/1828282661
Twitter: www.twitter.com/coolstorysketch
Favorite Movies: Donnie Darko, Super Troopers
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