Garrett Brown

School: The University of Tampa Undergraduate

Talent: Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Writer

Currently the captain of Zegeebwah Films

Garrett's Teams' Movies
Campus Finalist
Team: Zegeebwah Films | University of Tampa 2014
Campus Finalist

A suicidal therapist decides to antagonize his timid-yet-temperamental patient to the point of killing him.

date posted: 2014-01-29 | views: 366 | type: Movie

Campus Finalist
Team: Zegeebwah Films | The University of Tampa 2013
Campus Finalist, Elfenworks Submission

A young boy with a rough life at home, finds an ad in the back of a bible with 1-800 number to God's personal phone number. When faced with adversity, the boy calls upon God for answers. ... more

date posted: 2013-01-24 | views: 337 | type: Movie

Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs
Team: Andrew Unvericht's Crew | University of Tampa 2014

Two Actors decide not to act in the movie they are hired to do but instead goes to get hot dogs.

date posted: 2014-01-30 | views: 36 | type: Movie

Garrett's Favorites
John Stewart
The University of Tampa

Talents: Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Gaffer, Writer

Teams: Promethean Pictures, Andrew Unvericht's Crew, Passport To Hell Productions, Team Stewart, Zegeebwah Films

date posted: 2012-02-03 | type: User

The University of Tampa
The University of Tampa

Date: 2013-02-13

date posted: 2013-01-02 | type: Festival

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Zegeebwah Films
The University of Tampa

Movie List: Therapy 1-800-ANSWERS

Captain: Garrett Brown

date posted: 2013-01-24 | type: Team

About Garrett


Full Name: Garrett Brown
School: The University of Tampa
Birthday: 1992-02-28
Email: zegeebwah18@gmail.com
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