Hau Luc

School: Georgia Perimeter College Undergraduate

Talent: Director, Editor, Writer

About me: "Life is like a film, and film is my destiny"

Currently the captain of Hau Luc 2013, Hau Luc 2015

Hau's Teams' Movies
GTA Nominee - Special Effects
Team: Hau Luc 2015 | Georgia Perimeter College 2015
GTA Nominee - Special Effects, Campus Finalist

5 minutes on the battlefield, that our heroic soldiers live on for years. Cast: + Sammy Mullinax Jr. + Andrew Patrick + Tseliso Campbell + Gio Contreras + John janis + Alex W... more

date posted: 2015-02-26 | views: 81 | type: Movie

Fruits of War
GTA Nominee - Production Design
Fruits of War
Team: Hau Luc 2015 | Georgia Perimeter College 2014
GTA Nominee - Production Design, Campus Best Picture, Campus Finalist

"Would tie in guy eating orange, the orange at end destroyed."

date posted: 2014-02-20 | views: 1,869 | type: Movie

Through the Fog
Campus Best Picture
Through the Fog
Team: Hau Luc 2013 | Georgia Perimeter College 2013
Campus Best Picture, GTA Nominee - Director, Campus Finalist

Two rookies of the special forces are on a recon mission to find out enemy Intel, but when they are pinned down by a sniper, what can they do?

date posted: 2013-01-19 | views: 23,601 | type: Movie

Hau's Favorites
Luc Films 2015
Georgia Perimeter College

Movie List: Circle

Captain: Giang To

date posted: 2015-02-26 | type: Team

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Full Name: Hau Luc
School: Georgia Perimeter College
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