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Talent: General Ogreness

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A Solid 4/10 Day
A Solid 4/10 Day
Team: Neil Murcko's Crew | San Diego State University 2016

A dude gets rejected and then he gets rejected again.

date posted: 2016-10-19 | views: 60 | type: Movie

Team: Redfox | Bridgewater State University 2016

A college student gets sucked into the party scene and towards the end, she undergoes a transformation.

date posted: 2016-03-31 | views: 51 | type: Movie

The Monster With A Friendly Face
Campus Finalist
The Monster With A Friendly Face
Team: Jared Bolton's Crew | University of South Florida St. Pete 2016
Campus Finalist, Elfenworks Submission

This movie is about covert racial prejudice in the world and how eventually subtle racial comments will become overt racism.

date posted: 2016-02-17 | views: 30 | type: Movie

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