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James Leming

School: The University of Tampa

Talent: Writer, Director, Cinematographer

Currently the captain of Passport To Hell Productions

James's Teams' Movies
Mr. Disaster
Campus Finalist
Mr. Disaster
Team: Passport To Hell Productions | University of Tampa 2014
Campus Finalist

A mockumentary about the world most idiotic super-villain.

date posted: 2014-01-22 | views: 362 | type: Movie

The Condom
Campus Best Comedy
The Condom
Team: Passport To Hell Productions | The University of Tampa 2013
Campus Best Comedy, Campus Finalist

A young man rushes around his college campus in order to find a single condom.

date posted: 2013-01-14 | views: 1,237 | type: Movie

Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs
Team: Andrew Unvericht's Crew | University of Tampa 2014

Two Actors decide not to act in the movie they are hired to do but instead goes to get hot dogs.

date posted: 2014-01-30 | views: 29 | type: Movie

James's Favorites
John Stewart
John Stewart
The University of Tampa

Talents: none listed

date posted: 2012-01-26 | type: User

About James


Full Name: James Leming
School: The University of Tampa
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