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Dillon Eversman

School: Georgia Institute of Technology

Talent: Director, Actor, Cinematographer, SpFX / Animator

Currently the captain of Below Sky Level

Dillon's Teams' Movies
Campus Best Picture
Team: Below Sky Level | Georgia Tech 2014
Campus Best Picture, Campus Finalist

A death row inmate volunteers in the trials of a new drug to reduce his sentence. But as it slowly degrades his body and mind, he begins to realize this fate is far worse than death.

date posted: 2014-01-14 | views: 800 | type: Movie

Jury Award
Team: Below Sky Level | Georgia Tech 2015
Jury Award, Campus Finalist, Elfenworks Submission

An emotionally abused woman battles her fear of starting anew and the stigmas causing her to hide.

date posted: 2015-01-05 | views: 888 | type: Movie

Fading Away
Campus Finalist
Fading Away
Team: Below Sky Level | University of Georgia 2013
Campus Finalist

After losing his brother in a tragic incident, a college student slowly descends into an alcoholic lifestyle.

date posted: 2013-01-08 | views: 546 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Dillon Eversman
School: Georgia Institute of Technology
Youtube: www.youtube.com/BelowSkyLevel
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