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Norman JR McKenzie

School: University of Central Florida Undergraduate

Talent: Actor, Director, Writer, Producer.

About me: I'm currently a Theater student at the University of Central Florida. I received my A.A. Degree in Jacksonville Florida a few years after moving from my home town of Rochester N.Y.. I have been in Orlando now for a year, considering the economy, like many others I'm currently unemployed; but rather than wine about it, I choose to take it as a sign to put all my energy into my craft and school. Although it's been a struggle, I remain strong and keep pushing through. My short film script that I'm entering into the movie fest is called "HE DID IT"; it's my first script. I graduate UCF December 2013; by next year I hope to have my feet wet in Los Angles. I'm a strong actor, writer, and currently entering into the art of directing and producing, I believe I have much to offer California, and I will fight tooth and nail to expose my talents.

Currently the captain of Norman McKenzie Jr's Crew

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Team: Norman McKenzie Jr's Crew | University of Central Florida 2013

What's the odds of two criminals breaking into the same apartment on the same night.

date posted: 2012-12-18 | views: 149 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Norman JR McKenzie
School: University of Central Florida
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JrKenzie
Favorite Movies: Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels
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