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Sergio Acuña

School: Georgia Institute of Technology Undergraduate

Talent: Director, Cinematographer, Editor

About me: I'm an engineering student from Georgia Tech. I was born in Puerto Rico. I was a competitive swimmer for most of my pre college life, now I row crew. I became very interested in photograph at a very young age, my mother had a Canon SLR that was very interesting to me. When the iPhone 4 came out I started shooting school videos with it. One night while distracted by Wikipedia links I found myself reading about time-lapse photography, I than downloaded an iPhone app that lets you use the iPhone's camera to shoot photos in intervals. After a few thousand photos I bought my first DSLR and some lenses.

Currently the captain of Pseudomorph Films

Sergio's Team's Projects
Sergio Acuña's Project
Sergio Acuña's Project
Team: Pseudomorph Films | Georgia Tech 2014

date posted: 2013-12-04 | views: 0 | type: Movie

Sergio's Teams' Movies
The Difference
Elfenworks Social Justice Winner
The Difference
Team: Pseudomorph Films | Georgia Tech 2013
Elfenworks Social Justice Winner, Campus Finalist, Elfenworks Social Justice Finalist, Elfenworks Submission

This movie is about the difference that someone can make on a person's life by just approaching them.

date posted: 2012-11-27 | views: 4,636 | type: Movie

Who Goes First?
Campus Finalist
Who Goes First?
Team: Pseudomorph Films | Georgia Tech 2014
Campus Finalist

All killers adhere to the Horror Movie Rulebook. Above all, one rule has been followed religiously; Rule 42: Black guy always dies first. What happens, however, when this pact is broken?

date posted: 2014-01-14 | views: 183 | type: Movie

Campus Finalist
Team: Pseudomorph Films | Georgia Tech 2014
Campus Finalist

Depression strikes hard. It impedes our ability to think straight and clear. It taints our mind like a dirty glass.

date posted: 2014-01-14 | views: 351 | type: Movie

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About Sergio


Full Name: Sergio Acuña
School: Georgia Institute of Technology
Email: sacuna@gatech.edu
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Flappy1114
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