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Krystal Anderson

Talent: Editing, Cinematography, Pep Talks :)

About me: Hi! I'm Krystal Anderson, a good friend of Neville Robateau, who asked me to participate in the making of his CMF film. Being currently enrolled in an intro to digital video class, I over zealously accepted, not knowing what I was getting myself into. Feeling a bit unwell over the weekend, Neville finished the script and we began shooting. It was an exciting experience portraying Neville as someone I couldn't imagine him being. Unfortunately, on Sunday, a cyst in my ovary burst, Neville found me wraithing in pain on the bathroom floor and he rushed me to the hospital, me traumatized by the pain and not yet knowing the cause. Neville and Jessica (another participant and actress) hurriedly finished the shooting and Neville began to edit. I returned from the hospital on Monday to a worried Neville, who was busy editing away into the night and again early in the morning. We worked together and added some music and sound, we even collaborated with some of our friends, such as Josh DeBets, to work out some editing functions that we couldn't quite figure out, but Neville soon had to hurry off because it was 5:30pm and the project and equipment were due. So it was quite a journey but we completed the project and are very proud! Neville did an amazing job and led his crew very well, and I think he definitely deserves appreciation for that. I'm so glad I was a part of it. :)

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Serial For Dinner
Campus Finalist
Serial For Dinner
Team: Hackey Shack Productions | Whittier College 2012
Campus Finalist

The West Side Strangler is on the prowl searching for his next victim. He meets Mary on the internet and he hacks into her computer camera and watches her every move. After three weeks of... more

date posted: 2012-10-23 | views: 225 | type: Movie

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