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Ray James Banna

School: Arizona State University Undergraduate

Talent: Director, Actor, Cinematographer, Editor, Production Designer

Currently the captain of RJB Production, RJB Productions

Ray's Teams' Movies
Team: RJB Production | Elfenworks Social Justice Opportunity 2015

Based on a true story, Lisa and Travis are a very well to do couple who have all they could want and more. Though what happens when someone unexpected comes into their lives? Just because... more

date posted: 2014-04-23 | views: 90 | type: Movie

Team: RJB Productions | Elfenworks Social Justice Opportunity 2015

Have you ever thought of what you want to do with your life? Who you want to be? How you want to be remembered? Sometimes the only way to be remembered is to show people. Maybe then will ... more

date posted: 2014-05-05 | views: 634 | type: Movie

Campus Finalist
Team: RJB Production | Arizona State University 2012
Campus Finalist, Crime Drama Finalist

Everything seems well with Aden Wheeler in reality. He falls for a beautiful girl at an ice cream shop, named Shania Davis. The rest is suspenseful, artistic, dramatic, but most of all it... more

date posted: 2012-09-25 | views: 504 | type: Movie

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About Ray


Full Name: Ray James Banna
School: Arizona State University
Email: raybanna@yahoo.com
Website: rjbcreativedesign.webs.com/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/awesomearabRJB92
Twitter: www.twitter.com/RayJBanna
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