In Flagrante Delicto
Campus Finalist
In Flagrante Delicto
Team: Caught Red Handed | San Jose State University 2012
Campus Finalist, Crime Drama Finalist, Crime Drama Finalist

A library assistant learns a universal life lesson the hard way.

date posted: 2012-08-29 | views: 18,403 | type: Movie

The Adversary
The Adversary
Team: Pierce Leggin's Crew | San Jose State University 2012

One night in the lives of two women and their men.

date posted: 2012-09-07 | views: 260 | type: Movie

GTA Nominee - Actress
Team: Hidden | San Jose State University 2012
GTA Nominee - Actress, GTA Nominee - Cinematography, Campus Finalist

A couple meets up late at night in an ominous location with unknown intentions. We follow their conversation and actions as we try to guess what happens next. In the midst of growing up w... more

date posted: 2012-09-12 | views: 2,817 | type: Movie