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Young Soulja The Realest

School: San Jose State University Undergraduate

Talent: Director, Recording Artist, Editor, Writer, Actor

About me: Young Soulja has an unique sound of his own but if you must compare him with some artist that have been successful in the industry he definitely has the charisma like LL Cool J, the performing intensity of a young DMX , business mindset like P.Diddy and style of lyrics like no other. Young Soulja also attends San Jose State University looking to further his education to better himself for the bus iness side of the industry. Young Soulja defines himself as the “Prince of the Party”the new school flavor of (Club / Party Rap / Pop.) Every time he hits the stage, he treats every show as if it was his last. His stage presence is not only demanding but a sight to be seen unlike anything you have ever witnessed. Young Soulja was born on February 2nd, 1989 in Los Angeles but raised in San Jose of Puerto Rican and African American decent. He started his career out at the young age of 12 years old introduced to (Dj A.O.N) who formerly used to DJ for the the American New Jack Swing/R&B group called (Tony Tone Toni). Dj A.O.N seen the devotion, passion, and skill Young Soulja had at such an early age, it was a must to help expose his talent in to the world. DJ A.O.N featured Young Soulja on a series of his mixtapes to start building a buzz for the rapper. As much as Young Soulja loved music, he seen it more of a way to make some extra money in order to survive, getting on any mixtape possible dropping verses on any DJ’s project that gave him the opportunity to shine. His energy level and unique aggressively deep voice was admired by fans and on lookers. Behind the scenes, Young Soulja went through a lot of “Surviving” threw the “Struggle” moments in his life. (Family deaths, Family problems, Financial issues.) It seemed any obstacle that has stumbled across his path, he has persevered and overcame. Young Soulja has always been very dedicated and determined to becoming one of the best entertainers that the industries has ever seen. As a child he was heavily influenced to express himself and what he has been through, he first started through drawings, then poems, which lead to writing songs. He started recording them and that’s how his destiny all started. The origin behind the name Young Soulja is due to the on-going battle that he fights everyday in life against poverty. Furthermore, he has a background that only a soldier could withstand. Young Soulja invented himself with his first independent solo album titled (Too Hot To Stop) in 2001. He is best known for his unique rap style and his deep aggressive/multi sounding voice. However, in this album, Young Soulja choses not to use profanity at all. He was very unhappy with the results of his first album not because the choice of language but, due to the fact he wasn’t really experienced. It was his first album and the lyrics he recorded didn’t represent the points which he intended. The album was very low budget. However this album was an experiment that sold a grip of copies but Young Soulja was still unsatisfied with it. “When I look back on that album I realized that I had to come harder than that. I felt like I didn’t do my job, and I let my fans down.” So since then Young Soulja has been stepping it up by writing, writing and writing more songs because practice makes perfect.” That’s what drives him. One simple word..”Perfection” “I motivated myself to step it up lyrically, because if I ever want all my dreams and aspirations to come in my direction, I have create music for people to feel and vibe to, I have to be better than what’s sitting on the self next to me at the record stores” Then successfully Young Soulja flipped the script and started doing his thing, writing hit songs like (Shake Dat Bootee’, Are you really down?, Crazy for you), and many other songs for other people to use. “The more I kept practicing the better I got at it, also as I grew older I became wiser at my craft, which helped expand my writing styles. Since people were feeling his lyrics, he knew he could be successful from the jump. He also wanted to try something new like composing beats. Young Soulja just start messing around with the MPC and a couple other different beat programs and came up with some platinum banging beats like (The World Savage, We Hot Boys Remix, What I’m Going Through , Strictly Bout My Cash), and many more. These beats came out to be success per public response. From that day forward he knew that people would be interested in what he had to offer with his talent. He always seemed to remained to stay busy coming up with new ideas to expand and to one day be number one on the billboards. He has been getting recognized more and more as the days and night pass. He has been featured on a lot of music DVD’s , Magazines, TV Program Broadcast, Tours, Shows, Radio Stations, Websites and he even has his own APP on the Andriod Market entitled “The Young Soulja APP”. He continues to make money off selling ring tones which are for sell on his Social Networks. He keeps it pushing and is currently working on his own clothing line coming soon. He never stops when it comes to ideas of making more money and being successful. Young Soulja is one of those special artists that only come around every once in a blue moon. He has been blessed with not only being a very talented song writer but also known for his energetic flow and unpredictable lyrics and aggressive deep voice. Soulja represents pure energy on a level that even he can’t fully explain. “How the crowd reacts to me is like they are hypnotized, and how they sing along to my every word. That feeling right there is AMAZING” says Soulja. “From my voice to my style and my music, people just react a certain way.” Love him or hate him you cannot forget him. Without the backing of a major label Young Soulja has amassed a supportive fan base on the west coast rivaling any of his peers, signed or unsigned. It’s been a long time coming and he deserves the spotlight. Young Soulja has presented already two well known mixtapes (Tha Blocc Stars Vol 1 Stayin on the Grind Mixtape) and (Choppahz N Techz Vol 1 - Thugz Re-United) which was pretty successful in sales however it has only been pushed throughout California. Then in 2009 Young Soulja released Street Album with DJ Ill Will (Which is one of the biggest DJ’s in Los Angeles right now , who works with Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Ect) entitled (Well Connected) on 9/11/09, The turnout of this street album was excellent and reached over a combined 1,000,000 downloads making his way all over DJ’s webpools and 5,000 Street copies sold. The album expanded throughout California and other states and started catching ears from Record Companies and Major Recording Artist. The street album has exclusive features from (D-Lo) and with (R. Kelly. includes shoutouts from DJ Ill Will, (Ya Boy), and (40 Glocc) (G-Unit/ Infamous Records) on the album version. These mixtapes/ street albums were released independently through Young World Entertainment which is an independent Record label/ Promotion company formed by Young Soulja. The label has been active since 2001, when he signed his first act Tha Blocc Stars. Young Soulja’s Fan Base has grown tremendously over the years, with more than 1.3 million plays on MySpace. It’s evident Young Soulja music is in demand and is getting heard. Young Soulja has already performed at a variety of nightclubs and big venues in the Bay Area like: Shoreline Amphitheater (holds 22,000), Center of Performing Arts and Civic Auditorium (both Holds 3060) opening for artist such as (Ray j, Soulja Boy, Tyga of Young Money, Big Sean , Shorty Mack, Andre Nickatina, Tha Jacka, Big Rich, Clyde Carson, Bobby Brackins, Dem HoodStarz, and Kafani), and more building a big buzz out of Northern California. Young Soulja typically sellsout 250 tickets per show on an average of 3 shows a week. He has also been traveling all over California from Sacramento down to Los Angeles and cities in between doing shows. Young Soulja puts on an outstanding and exhilarating show and connects with audience due to his energy and passion for the stage. Young Soulja is a perfectionist and strives to be the best and one day will of become an icon in the industry.”Very Soon.” - Soulja

Currently the captain of Young Soulja the Realest, Young Soulja The Realest Crew

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Full Name: Young Soulja The Realest
School: San Jose State University
Email: kwayzesolja6@yahoo.com
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