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Pat Davet

School: Loyola University Chicago Undergraduate

Talent: Director, Writer, Producer

About me: My favorite scene is that one from Magnolia with Quiz Kid Donny Smith at the bar with Supertramp playing in the background. That's good stuff.

Currently the captain of Nepenthe Pictures, Stormdrain Brainstorm Pictures

Pat's Teams' Movies
Old Wise Tale
Old Wise Tale
Team: Stormdrain Brainstorm Pictures | Loyola University Chicago 2012

Bored college students discuss grammar and murder. But is there something darker brewing? Coffee perhaps?

date posted: 2012-09-05 | views: 84 | type: Movie

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About Pat


Full Name: Pat Davet
School: Loyola University Chicago
Birthday: 1993-12-23
Email: gpdavet@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/patrick.davet2
Favorite Movies: Shaun of the Dead, Seven Samurai, There Will Be Blood, 28 Days Later, The Lives of Others, Magnolia, Alien, Vertigo, The Shining
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