Evan Rogers

School: San Jose State University Undergraduate

Talent: Producer, Director, Actor, SpFX / Animator, Writer

About me: I am a senior at SJSU majoring in film. I have had a passion for making movies for many years and am particularly fond of psychological dramas and comedy genres. My skill set is varied throughout the film making process but I find directing, and special effects to be some of the most rewarding.

Currently the captain of Evan's Crew, The Love Potion Project, The Love Potion Project

Evan's Teams' Movies
Campus Best Drama
Team: Evan's Crew | San Jose State University 2012
Campus Best Drama, Campus Finalist

A metaphor for the lack of communication between young people in an era filled with communication.

date posted: 2012-08-31 | views: 401 | type: Movie

Drawn Out Dreams
Jury Award
Drawn Out Dreams
Team: Jerika Ramirez's Crew | San Jose State University 2014
Jury Award, Campus Finalist

A young girl follows her dreams of being an artist but is disrupted by her father's disapproval.

date posted: 2014-09-09 | views: 520 | type: Movie

Space Drama In Space!
Campus Finalist
Space Drama In Space!
Team: Shelly's Crew | San Jose State University 2013
Campus Finalist

Far in the future, Anne is held hostage with no hope of being rescued because everyone else in this universe is like a ridiculous dramatic character from an old Sci-fi TV show.

date posted: 2013-10-04 | views: 301 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Evan Rogers
School: San Jose State University
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