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Makenna Haramia

School: San Jose State University Undergraduate

Talent: Editing, Cinematographer, Photographer

Currently the captain of Makenna Haramia's Crew

Makenna's Teams' Movies
Nobody Knows
Campus Finalist
Nobody Knows
Team: Makenna Haramia's Crew | San Jose State University 2012
Campus Finalist

Our movie is called "Nobody Knows".The movie takes place in a coffee shop where you see an ordinary man sitting in a sofa. He doesn't move or anything, he just looks like he is in deep th... more

date posted: 2012-09-11 | views: 407 | type: Movie

The Hopeless Romantic
Campus Finalist
The Hopeless Romantic
Team: Sunny Productions | San Jose State University 2013
Campus Finalist

Leo and Annabeth, two coworkers, have been dating for a while. They are both in love, but a dark figure looks to make sure they don't stay like that forever. The two hold a surprise for t... more

date posted: 2013-08-30 | views: 506 | type: Movie

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About Makenna


Full Name: Makenna Haramia
School: San Jose State University
Blog: www.mharamia.blogspot.com
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