Brooke Fisher

School: La Salle University Undergraduate


Currently the captain of -, Bangarang Produx, _

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GTA Nominee - Story
Team: Bangarang Produx | La Salle University 2013
GTA Nominee - Story, Campus Finalist

A girl wakes up the morning after a party with a genie...and only one wish left. What will she wish for?

date posted: 2013-03-22 | views: 480 | type: Movie

Love Story
Love Story
Team: William Magee's Crew | La Salle University 2012

Love stops at nothing. Or does it? Sometimes people fall in love. Other times people decide they do want to make a film for campus movie fest at 4 pm, when it has to be done by 6 pm. ... more

date posted: 2012-03-14 | views: 351 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Brooke Fisher
School: La Salle University
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