Desiree Shields

School: Salem State University Undergradute

Talent: Writer

About me: I am fantastically inclined and influenced.

Currently the captain of Atlantic Crew, Desiree, Funky Fuzz, The Liliputians

Desiree's Teams' Movies
The Missing Mun
The Missing Mun
Team: The Liliputians | Salem State University 2014

There are Muns and Muses. Mundanes, ordinary people who create and breath life into entities called "Muses". One day a select group of Muses discover their Mun has disappeared and must re... more

date posted: 2014-04-01 | views: 9 | type: Movie

Team: Desiree | Salem State University - 2013 2013

A young woman begins a video blog debunking Urban Myth...

date posted: 2013-04-14 | views: 27 | type: Movie

Fuzzy Butts
Fuzzy Butts
Team: Funky Fuzz | Salem State University 2012

Good stuffed animals doing bad things. --- A parody of censorship.

date posted: 2012-04-01 | views: 374 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Desiree Shields
School: Salem State University
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