Antwain Graham

School: Art Institute of Atlanta Undergradute

Talent: Photography, Dancing, Singing, Fight and Action Choreography, Special Make-Up effects

About me: I was born in Jacksonville, Fla and raised in Albany, Ga where I graduated from Monroe Comprehensive High School. I served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2007 to 2011 as a photojournalist and a media specialist. My tenure with the military allowed me to travel to numerous countries, which broadened my horizons and has expanded my creative view for visual imagery. This is my greatest asset to my aspiration to make my place in the film world. Its a dream I've been aiming to capture since I was a young boy and am currently fulfilling through my training at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

Antwain's Team's Projects
The Return
The Return
Team: haneef williams's Crew | Art Institute of Atlanta (Spring) 2012

Michael Durham just leaves his girl friend's place when his is brutally stabbed but a crook named Sid. He has a near-death experience before his is revived back to life, with all the answ... more

date posted: 2012-02-22 | views: 0 | type: Movie

Team: Back Light Productions | Art Institute of Atlanta (Spring) 2012

Revelation is about a man who wakes up tied to an old chair in an abandoned warehouse. A huge bloody gash on his forehead indicates that he has sustained a massive head injury and has be... more

date posted: 2012-02-06 | views: 0 | type: Movie

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Antwain's Favorites
haneef williams
haneef williams
Art Institute of Atlanta (Fall)

Talents: Director, Actor, SpFX / Animator, Editor, Cinematographer, Composer

Teams: haneef williams's Crew, Awkward Silence, Back Light Productions, Lorenzo Woodley's Crew

date posted: 2012-02-17 | type: User

About Antwain


Full Name: Antwain Graham
School: Art Institute of Atlanta
Youtube: www.youtube.com/Gramatic18
Favorite Movies: The Fifth Element, Full Metal Jacket, The Matrix, The Dark Knight, Batman (1989), Edward Scissorhands, Big Trouble Little China, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, The Christmas Story, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Breakin, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hard-Boiled,
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