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Kyerra Dexter

School: The University of Alabama

Talent: Too many to name

About me: I am a creative, intelligent and open individual who embraces education and knowledge and I prefer to think critically or I don't think at all. (That last part is an inside joke!) Get to know me!

Kyerra's Teams' Movies
Campus Finalist
Team: DeLayed Productions | The University of Alabama 2013
Campus Finalist

Julie, a curious eleven year old, comes across what she believes to be a piece of evidence from a crime.

date posted: 2013-01-15 | views: 71,363 | type: Movie

Kyerra's Favorites
The University of Alabama
The University of Alabama

Date: 2011-05-01

date posted: 2010-11-04 | type: Festival

Kyerra's Teams
About Kyerra


Full Name: Kyerra Dexter
School: The University of Alabama
Email: kyerrakdexter@gmail.com
Blog: thoughtfulkyerra.blogspot.com/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/kissdaqueen1
Twitter: www.twitter.com/iKyerra
Favorite Movies: I have too many!
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