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John Stewart

School: The University of Tampa Undergraduate

Talent: Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Gaffer, Writer

Currently the captain of Promethean Pictures

John's Teams' Movies
Campus Finalist
Team: Promethean Pictures | University of Tampa 2014
Campus Finalist

Lucas is in love with Beth, the problem? She has a boyfriend. Until one day they break up, Lucas can't believe it and takes his chance to be with her at last but love is never that simple... more

date posted: 2014-01-23 | views: 463 | type: Movie

Campus Finalist
Team: Promethean Pictures | The University of Tampa 2013
Campus Finalist

John and his girlfriend, Anne, set out for adventure when John comes in possession of a treasure map. As they search for the hidden treasure, greed begins to set in, and their relationshi... more

date posted: 2013-01-24 | views: 94 | type: Movie

Parallel Lives
Campus Finalist
Parallel Lives
Team: Promethean Pictures | The University of Tampa 2012
Campus Finalist

After drinking a mixture created in a chemistry lab, Jay begins to black out. All the while a mass murderer has appeared on campus. Soon Jay must face the murderer and battle his own mons... more

date posted: 2012-02-03 | views: 162 | type: Movie

John's Favorites
Garrett Brown
University of Tampa

Talents: Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Writer

Teams: Zegeebwah Films, Andrew Unvericht's Crew, C&P Films, Passport To Hell Productions, Promethean Pictures

date posted: 2013-01-24 | type: User

Andrew Unvericht
Andrew Unvericht
University of Tampa

Talents: none listed

Teams: Andrew Unvericht's Crew, Project Pot, Promethean Pictures

date posted: 2013-01-29 | type: User

About John


Full Name: John Stewart
School: The University of Tampa
Birthday: 1992-11-28
Email: jstewartfilm@yahoo.com
John's Photos