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Kevni Javelle Woodside

School: University of Georgia Undergraduate

Talent: Comedian, Editor, Actor, Producer, Director, Cinematographer

About me: Hi, I'm real life homosexual/ stand-up comedian Kevni Woodside. You may know me as the winner of Mississippi's Next Top Model, my shining role in the porn films: Beverly's Hill's, Star Whore, Brokeback Mounthim, and who could forget Batman and Throbbin. But most of my fans know me as the host of Youtube's least watched talk show: Believah Dah Divah. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for hilarious tweets and Facebook updates

Currently the captain of Kevni Javelle Woodside's Crew

Kevni's Teams' Movies
Facebook Official
Campus Finalist
Facebook Official
Team: Kevni Javelle Woodside's Crew | University of Georgia 2012
Campus Finalist

This is the story of KingKongQUISHA and the battle to find love. Her friends charts her journey using her camera and KingKongQUISHA's relationship status.

date posted: 2012-01-19 | views: 166 | type: Movie

How to Fish for Compliments
Elfenworks Submission
How to Fish for Compliments
Team: Kevni Javelle Woodside's Crew | University of Georgia 2013
Elfenworks Submission

Don't you just hate those people who always fish for compliments, even though they have everything. The girl that goes on about her tragic past, but should be the happiest person right no... more

date posted: 2013-01-16 | views: 118 | type: Movie

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About Kevni


Full Name: Kevni Javelle Woodside
School: University of Georgia
Youtube: www.youtube.com/Believah Dah Divah and Kevni Woodside
Facebook: facebook.com/kevni.woodside
Twitter: www.twitter.com/@BelievahDahDiva
Favorite Movies: Anything with Lindsey Lohan not in it
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