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Joe Will Field

School: The University of Alabama Undergradute

Talent: Writer

About me: In West Alabama I was born and raised, making movies is where I spend most of my days. Writin, directin and acting some too, yo George Lucas I wanna be just like you!

Currently the captain of Joe Will Field's Crew, One Eyed Dog Productions

User's Teams' Movies
The Making Of...
The Making Of...
Team: One Eyed Dog Productions | The University of Alabama 2012

A small documentary of a group of friends attempting to make a film for Campus Movie Fest.

date posted: 2012-01-18 | views: 291 | type: Movie

User's Favorites
The Vestige
Campus Best Picture
The Vestige
Team: Brian Y. Marsh Crew | Cal Poly Pomona 2015
Campus Best Picture, International Golden Tripod Award Winner, Golden Tripod Finalist, Campus Finalist, Virgin America In-flight, Wild Card

A man’s confrontation with three mysterious beings drives him into an obsession that may cost him his life. --- Talent: Mark Hapka, Brandan Halpin, Linsey Godfrey, Francesca LiVolsi, ... more

date posted: 2011-10-11 | views: 15,486 | type: Movie

Bottom of a Glass
Campus Best Drama
Bottom of a Glass
Team: Que The Lights | The University of Alabama 2011
Campus Best Drama, Campus Finalist, Rethink Possible Semi-Finalist

In the blink of an eye our protagonist loses everything he's loved. With nothing to live for he fills his life with a collection of self-deprecation to fill the empty void. His life seems... more

date posted: 2011-02-07 | views: 3,497 | type: Movie

Vampire Roommate
Campus Finalist
Vampire Roommate
Team: Jack Ruby Allstars | University of Georgia 2010
Campus Finalist, Halloween Favorites

What happens when your roommate gets bit by a vampire?

date posted: 2010-07-14 | views: 8,900 | type: Movie

About User


Full Name: Joe Will Field
School: The University of Alabama
Birthday: 1991-12-22
Email: jwfield@crimson.ua.edu
Website: www.oedpictures.net
Youtube: www.youtube.com/oedpictures
Twitter: www.twitter.com/@oedpictures
Favorite Movies: Hustle and Flow, Hereafter, Star Wars, Bladerunner, Indiana Jones, and many more.
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