Nathaniel Walters

School: University of Georgia Undergradute

Talent: Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Editor, Compositor

About me: I got started in the medium of machinima back when YouTube was still getting started as a site that very few knew of. Machinima led to me, without even knowing, learn a great deal about cinematography and story telling. I led the second largest machinima community on the web for a couple years and we got some nice publicity from companies like Bungie Studios, the people behind the Halo video game franchise. One day I saw a commercial that I felt was completely capable of producing, and that was when I knew I wanted to go into this wonderful industry and expand from machinima to "real life" which is where I am at today.

Currently the captain of Halo Union Productions, Nathaniel Walters's Crew

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Team: Halo Union Productions | University of Georgia 2012

A man must blindly follow his steps through his nightmare until he discovers the seed behind his torment and chooses to confront it.

date posted: 2012-01-18 | views: 217 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Nathaniel Walters
School: University of Georgia
Website: www.Halo-Union.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/ukilledkenny7 & halounion & communitygamer
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ukilledkenny7
Twitter: www.twitter.com/halounionpro
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