Jason Hwang

School: Emory University Undergradute

Talent: Dilligent, Acting, Editing, listening, and able to watch a whole ton of movies in one sitting, intereted in cinematography and screenwriting.

About me: Hi, my name i Jason Yohan Hwang. I attend Emory College of Arts and Sciences. I am in Pre-med, but I'm not sure if I want to become a doctor, but I am sure that I am interested in film. My high school teachers and high school, The Lawrenceville School, helped me tremendously in finding film and editing as a passion. I am interested in film because videos do not fade away once they're online and it can be used to break down stereotypes, make a poitive impact among people, and change their lifestyles. My favorite movies are: The Godfather Trilogy, Forest Gump, and American Beauty, (runner up: Lord of the Rings trilogy) (runner runner up: Star Wars) I have an abnormal sweet tooth and so love desserts, especially pillsbury chocolate chips right out of the oven. I like Law & Order SVU, am learning, for the time, Arabic, enjoy reading and writing, and talking with my family.

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Big Red
Big Red
Team: Jason Hwang's Crew | Emory University 2012

Here is a story about a college student named Sean Parker who represents not the stereotypical John Belushi College student but rather the suppressed side of college students: that of men... more

date posted: 2012-02-10 | views: 165 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Jason Hwang
School: Emory University
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