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Iaroslav Baronov

School: University of Sussex Grad Student

Talent: Director, Production Designer, Actor, Editor, Writer

About me: Use my enthusiasm and purposefulness to develop people's talents and make our World much better. ♚ Strategist - Compassionate Maker of Intentional Outcomes ♞ Prospector - Innovative Finder of Lucrative Opportunities ♛ Optimist - Consistent Producer of High Quality Work

Currently the captain of Iaroslav Baronov's Crew, inQuid Crew

Iaroslav's Teams' Movies
The Stranger
Wild Card
The Stranger
Team: inQuid Crew | University of Sussex 2011
Wild Card

How Often Do You Ask Somebody To Take Your Photo? Look which consequences might follow ;) www.inquid.com

date posted: 2011-11-17 | views: 6,014 | type: Movie

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About Iaroslav


Full Name: Iaroslav Baronov
School: University of Sussex
Email: i.baronov@sussex.ac.uk
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