Megan Lent

School: University of California, Los Angeles

Talent: Writer, Director, Actor

About me: Megan Lent is a freshman at UCLA. She's currently preparing to make her first short film for CMF. Previously, she has written, directed, and acted in various stage plays, as well as the short film "Poetry Slam," by Jen Lystrup. Lent has a lot of poetry, short fiction, and comedy articles published around the internet. "Weekend at Bernie's Part 2" was based on her early childhood.

Currently the captain of Megan Lent's Crew

Megan's Teams' Movies
Dinner with Naomi
GTA Nominee - Actress
Dinner with Naomi
Team: Five Portraits of Sensibility | University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 2011
GTA Nominee - Actress, Campus Finalist

A boy is thrilled to be with the girl of his dreams, despite that she’s a lesbian, until it involves playing the boyfriend dinner with her conservative, dysfunctional, and deceitful family.

date posted: 2011-10-19 | views: 983 | type: Movie

Megan's Favorites
Blood Red
Campus Finalist
Blood Red
Team: IndyVision Films | University of California, Berkeley (UCB) 2011
Campus Finalist

Two girls become caught within a downward spiral of desire and obsession.

date posted: 2011-09-02 | views: 3,791 | type: Movie

About Megan


Full Name: Megan Lent
School: University of California, Los Angeles
Youtube: www.youtube.com/TheElevatorDisco
Favorite Movies: The Graduate, Stardust Memories, Pulp Fiction, Double Indemnity, Harold and Maude
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