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Andrew Franz

School: Arizona State University

Talent: Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Editor

About me: I'm a film making, sometimes deep pockets mostly broke, reckless, stays in on friday nights, always smiling, humble, free style rapping, skateboarding, always networking and handling my business, turned out a lover, head in the clouds kind of guy.

Currently the captain of TEAM AFRANZ

Andrew's Teams' Movies
The Boy in the Clouds
GTA Winner - Best Special FX
The Boy in the Clouds
Team: TEAM AFRANZ | Arizona State University 2012
GTA Winner - Best Special FX, Campus Finalist, Virgin America In-flight

Have you ever wished you could fly away from your problems in life? What if you wanted it so bad, suddenly you could? It's the story of young boy's struggle to deal with his home life... more

date posted: 2012-09-20 | views: 722 | type: Movie

Olive Juice
Campus Finalist
Olive Juice
Team: TEAM AFRANZ | Arizona State University 2013
Campus Finalist

A man tries to find innocence by doing activities he did when he was younger to escape the reality that is now his life.

date posted: 2013-09-28 | views: 800 | type: Movie

Campus Best Comedy
Team: TEAM AFRANZ | Arizona State University 2011
Campus Best Comedy, Campus Finalist

A young math student is bombarded with his future selves traveling back in time to warm him about his upcoming math test.

date posted: 2011-10-03 | views: 514 | type: Movie

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About Andrew


Full Name: Andrew Franz
School: Arizona State University
Blog: djstoxafranz.tumblr.com/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/afranzfilms
Twitter: www.twitter.com/theandrewfranz
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