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Shannon Bringham

School: San Jose State University Undergradute

Talent: Actress

Currently the captain of Bringham Out Productions

Shannon's Teams' Movies
Seven Digits
Campus Finalist
Seven Digits
Team: Bringham Out Productions | San Jose State University 2012
Campus Finalist

Tom is a 24 year old Ted Mosby type. He is always looking to find some girl (any girl) to go on a date with. After being rejected again and again Tom finally decides to attempt suicide. H... more

date posted: 2012-09-11 | views: 1,672 | type: Movie

Team: UOENO | San Jose State University 2013

College graduating friends trade stories and gossip about a local drug lord before making a $3000 tuition payment when a life altering event occurs.

date posted: 2013-10-09 | views: 233 | type: Movie

Campus Finalist
Team: Alexis B. Costanza's Crew | San Jose State University 2013
Campus Finalist

There's only so many times you can listen before giving in.

date posted: 2013-10-09 | views: 612 | type: Movie

Shannon's Favorites
San Jose State University

Movie List: Malaise DREAMS

Captain: Hassan Kolahi Ahari (Kourosh)

date posted: 2013-08-31 | type: Team

San Jose State University
San Jose State University

Date: 2011-12-21

date posted: 2011-08-24 | type: Festival

About Shannon


Full Name: Shannon Bringham
School: San Jose State University
Email: shannon_bringham@yahoo.com
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