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Jacob Hurley

School: Salem State University Undergradute

Talent: Writer, Director

About me: I have ideas. Visions, even. I'm a director at heart because I know what I want in art and how to get it. I'm not a great script writer, but I can effectively communicate what I want in a script. I've already got a great concept for the CMF film, I just need a crew, so join the team. I'll show you what I've got if you show me what you've got!

Currently the captain of P7000

Jacob's Teams' Movies
The Sad Tale of Abby Red
The Sad Tale of Abby Red
Team: P7000 | Salem State University 2011

What should have been a suspenseful thriller became a film of triumph over a mysterious aliased saboteur. Based on true events.

date posted: 2011-04-19 | views: 86 | type: Movie

Jacob's Favorites
Salem State University
Salem State University

Date: 2011-07-01

date posted: 2010-11-15 | type: Festival

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About Jacob


Full Name: Jacob Hurley
School: Salem State University
Email: jakehurley234@gmail.com
Favorite Movies: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Wristcutters, The Wizard of Oz, Inception,
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