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James E. Green III

School: Rutgers University Undergradute

Talent: Writer

About me: I'm a 5th year at Rutgers University, with the hopes to break out as a writer in all formats (theater, movies, television, comics, and books). I'm a practitioner of Capoeira and Blizzard games. I enjoy all video games though, and a fan of music and sports as well.

Currently the captain of CB Productions

User's Teams' Movies
Blood of the Tiger [Director's Cut]
Blood of the Tiger [Director's Cut]
Team: CB Productions | Rutgers University 2011

Same as the Blood of the Tiger, but with BONUS SCENES!!!!

date posted: 2011-03-29 | views: 98 | type: Movie

Social Penetration
Social Penetration
Team: Model Citizen | Rutgers University 2011

How much does our society influence our views on pre-marital sex? Is religion an important aspect?

date posted: 2011-03-29 | views: 169 | type: Movie

User's Favorites
Walk There
Walk There
Team: Cheshire | Rutgers University 2011

What do words mean?

date posted: 2011-03-29 | views: 30 | type: Movie

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David Rodriguez commented on the user James E. Green III.

12:47 am April 4th, 2011


"yo let me know when they declare your movie the winner i wanna be there in person (And i got a few bucks riding on it so you better win)"

Chalmers Brown commented on the user James E. Green III.

2:12 am March 29th, 2011


"thank you for joining our team, but we decided not to use you in our movie(s) in anyway. Sorry, but good luck with your movie."

Leanne Borbely commented on the user James E. Green III.

4:37 pm March 28th, 2011


"Your movie is going to be great!"

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Full Name: James E. Green III
School: Rutgers University
AIM: afrothunder5103
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lockking88
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