Monkey Business
Campus Best Picture
Monkey Business
Team: Naked Cinema | Hunter College 2011
Campus Best Picture, Campus Finalist

A monkey is trying to leave the mafia to raise his new born son and take care of his family. But the question is: can any monkey leave the "family"?

date posted: 2011-03-24 | views: 2,229 | type: Movie

Tiger Blood
Campus Finalist
Tiger Blood
Team: Housebar Productions | Hunter College 2011
Campus Finalist

Ryan and Tim create the potent party drink ever concocted. Distilled from the essence of Charlie Sheen and mixed with bleach and cranberries, they created Tiger Blood. The pair try to sel... more

date posted: 2011-03-22 | views: 1,477 | type: Movie

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Watoto of the corn
Hunter College 2014

Captain: Maryam Abdul-kareem

date posted: 2011-03-10 | type: Team