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Thomas M Colicino

School: Hunter College

Talent: Writer, Actor, Editor

Currently the captain of Colicinema Studios

User's Team's Projects
Thomas M Colicino's Project
Thomas M Colicino's Project
Team: Colicinema Studios | Hunter College 2013

date posted: 2013-03-03 | views: 0 | type: Movie

User's Teams' Movies
Once of the Flock: A Sokol Story
Once of the Flock: A Sokol Story
Team: Colicinema Studios | Hunter College 2011

"I'm not quite sure what's more important. The achievement of winning a medal or the ability to win a medal, but I do know I've accomplished a lot." -TMC

date posted: 2011-03-21 | views: 369 | type: Movie

User's Favorites
Discovering English
Campus Best Picture
Discovering English
Team: We Who Speak English | Emory University 2007
Campus Best Picture, Campus Best Comedy, Regional Best Comedy, Regional Finalist, Campus Finalist, Audience Choice, TBS Very Funny Film

A young couple is transported unwillingly into the world of a 1950's Social Guidance Film about English Grammar. Watch as they struggle with the constraints of a "cheeky" narrator and the... more

date posted: 2010-07-14 | views: 481 | type: Movie

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Thomas M Colicino commented on the user Thomas M Colicino.

8:50 pm March 22nd, 2011


"Well, I wish I could go to sleep tonight and wake up on April 8. I am particularly tired from the two hour wait at CMF Collection. It's all well and good that CMF provides help with post production right down to the wire, but please get some more staffers in there! ONE dude was troubleshooting AND verifying submission files! He seemed kinda stressed. All in all I am thrilled to be where I am. Screened or not screened my movie was a blast to produce and has already served as a spring board! Thanks all. "

Thomas M Colicino commented on the user Thomas M Colicino.

12:16 am March 22nd, 2011


"It's bittersweet that Hunter's collection starts in about 14 hours. For one thing, I can relax after I get this expensive gear off my hands. But seriously, I finally got to make a Sokol movie. Something I've envisioned since high school. "

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Full Name: Thomas M Colicino
School: Hunter College
Website: thomasmcolicino.com
Favorite Movies: Scent of Woman, Coffee and Cigarettes, Seven Beauties, Shaun of the Dead
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