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Adrian Apolonio

School: Hunter College

Talent: Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Composer

About me: I'm just your typical male. Nothing really much to say other than I like doing what I do.

Currently the captain of Typical Films

Ady's Teams' Movies
Forget Me Never - A Moment in Time
GTA Nominee - Production Design
Forget Me Never - A Moment in Time
Team: Typical Films | Hunter College 2014 2014
GTA Nominee - Production Design, Campus Finalist

Sometimes you must reflect on the things you've done in the past, and it must be evaluated. There are times when moments are unforgettable. These are their stories. This is his job.

date posted: 2014-03-05 | views: 1,625 | type: Movie

Team: Typical Films | Hunter College 2012

When a dog requires much care, what happens when his owners are no longer there (mentally) to help?

date posted: 2012-03-05 | views: 45 | type: Movie

Cabbage: Loved & Lost
Campus Finalist
Cabbage: Loved & Lost
Team: Typical Films | Hunter College 2011
Campus Finalist

Love can be found in many forms. A boy learns this, and also learns about the darker parts of relationships. It's complicated

date posted: 2011-03-22 | views: 427 | type: Movie

Ady's Favorites
Monkey Business
Campus Best Picture
Monkey Business
Team: Naked Cinema | Hunter College 2011
Campus Best Picture, Campus Finalist

A monkey is trying to leave the mafia to raise his new born son and take care of his family. But the question is: can any monkey leave the "family"?

date posted: 2011-03-24 | views: 2,114 | type: Movie

International Best Picture
Team: Bumblyburg Productions | University of South Florida 2009
International Best Picture, Campus Best Picture, Regional Best Picture, Campus Finalist, Audience Choice

In a colorful world of emotional extremes, a blue young man discovers joy and happiness in the place where he least expects it.

date posted: 2010-07-14 | views: 14,165 | type: Movie

Tick Tock
Campus Best Picture
Tick Tock
Team: Visionaries | Emory University 2011
Campus Best Picture, GTA Nominee - Director, Campus Finalist, Rethink Possible Semi-Finalist

What would you do if you had minutes to live? Trace one young man's few minutes of trying to fulfill his highest potential. written and directed by Ien Chi

date posted: 2011-02-22 | views: 1,450,359 | type: Movie

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Ling Mai commented on the user Adrian Apolonio.

8:40 pm April 10th, 2011


"ty adrian =) if you can, can you help spread the word to people to text "VOTE314" to "41234" and get me into the wildcard international finals =) You can vote as many times as you can for this whole entire week. http://www.campusmoviefest.com/movies/8446-sins if you don't mind"

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Full Name: Adrian Apolonio
School: Hunter College
Youtube: www.youtube.com/SimplyTypical
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Adrian_Apolonio
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