Joe Piervincenti

School: University of South Florida Other

Talent: Writer, Editor, Composer

About me: I entertain mself with a lively interest in music and the arts. A creative that expresses ideas and opinion with the mediums of audio, video, photoart, and the written word. I float freely from one topic to the next savoring the nectars each has to offer. A mature flower child enjoying his Golden years. ;) More about me here: http://www.youtube.com/Pierresplace#p/u/24/BI1GYGdNddQ

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Aarian Johnson commented on the user Joe Piervincenti.

12:12 am February 26th, 2011


"Sir... who are you?"

Joe Piervincenti commented on the user Joe Piervincenti.

7:34 pm February 25th, 2011


"Not on a team. I appreciate the great work others are doing. I enjoy editing work and composing digital music. I also like to write. I have a romantic novella, a tale of unrequited love that I'd like to make a short movie of. The role is for a female that reads long lost letters that she's received and her reminiscing over them."

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Full Name: Joe Piervincenti
School: University of South Florida
Youtube: www.youtube.com/Pierresplace
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Pierresplace
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