Meredith Metcalf

School: Emory University Undergradute


Meredith's Teams' Movies
The Bus Stop
Campus Best Drama
The Bus Stop
Team: Studio 53 | Emory University 2013
Campus Best Drama, Campus Finalist

Two girls are sitting at the bus stop. They do not know how their lives are entangled.

date posted: 2013-01-18 | views: 3,213 | type: Movie

Campus Finalist
Team: The Gretas | Emory University 2011
Campus Finalist

Life seen from two different perspectives. the story shows how one second difference in time can make a difference in life.

date posted: 2011-02-22 | views: 1,979 | type: Movie

Look at this F***ing Zombie
Campus Finalist
Look at this F***ing Zombie
Team: Team Tyler's Van | Emory University 2012
Campus Finalist

Zombie love is a little stiff.

date posted: 2012-02-11 | views: 31,200 | type: Movie

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Katie Nicholson
Katie Nicholson
Emory University

Talents: none listed

Teams: Team Tyler's Van, Studio 53, Studio 53, The Gretas

date posted: 2011-02-07 | type: User

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Full Name: Meredith Metcalf
School: Emory University
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