CC Chainey

School: University of Southern California Alumni

Talent: Producer, Director, Writer

About me: thrives on the chaos of cinema production. She produced her first USC MFA thesis project, Crossing the Canyon, as an undergraduate freshman, working with the special needs of motion capture technology. The following year, she produced Melissa Bouwmans USC MFA thesis shoot in live-action stereoscopic 3D, supervised by 3D expert Ray Zone. Two short films she has produced for Campus Movie Fest have been distributed nationally on AT&T cellular phones Fault was awarded AT&T Best Use of Mobile in 2007, and in 2009, The Route was awarded Best Picture at USC. Professionally, CC served as Associate Producer on the Brian Anthony music video Worked Up!, which was distributed on the Fox DVD release of Dragonball Evolution. Last summer, she was Production Manager for Season 2 of the Fox web series, Single Dads, working with a creative team practically plucked right out of Sundance 2009. She has worked on webisodes for Spike TV and rdf USA and interned with Julie Richardson (Producer, Collateral). She is currently working in post-production at CounterPoint Films. She also directs her own films and is currently writing her second feature screenplay. She rounds out her course schedule at USC with a minor in Visual Culture. In her spare time, she dances ballet, sings, plays DDR, and occasionally even sleeps.

CC's Teams' Movies
Across the Pond
Campus Best Drama
Across the Pond
Team: Alcatraz Penitentiary Swim Team | University of Southern California (USC) 2010
Campus Best Drama, Campus Finalist, Rethink Possible Semi-Finalist

With his back up against a wall, Jim hopes all his problems will be solved by a trip across the Atlantic.

date posted: 2010-11-10 | views: 3,547 | type: Movie

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Full Name: CC Chainey
School: University of Southern California
Website: cascadecinema.wix.com/cc
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