Salim Garami

School: Arizona State University

Talent: Writer, Director, Actor, Gaffer, Editor, Cinematographer, Composer

About me: Salim is an American of some importance. He has amassed great wealth which is now in jeopardy. He is in need of persons with whom his family has no relationship. He seeks your cooperation and assistance in the transfer of 8,000,000.00 to your private bank account in Nigeria. To show his appreciation he will offer you 15% of the total sum including 20% of interest earned. Please treat this issue confidentially. Please send him your bank account number as well as a color photocopy of a Nigerian passport so he is certain you are a real resident. He waits to hear from you.

Currently the captain of Madman

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Team: Madman | Arizona State University 2013

Salim Garami keeps record of his first day on Probation, revisiting why he got in trouble, why he wanted to get in trouble and why he just is trouble.

date posted: 2013-09-25 | views: 358 | type: Movie

Loose Ends
Loose Ends
Team: Madman | Arizona State University 2012

After selling Adam out to the mob, Jeff is given the task of watching over his body until its disposed of. Luckily, Adam's apparition is there to keep him company. Wait, did I say luckily... more

date posted: 2012-09-21 | views: 69 | type: Movie

A Night in the Halls
A Night in the Halls
Team: Madman | Arizona State University 2010

After getting locked out of his dorm in the middle of a much anticipated slack night, Joe goes through hell to find a place to stay.

date posted: 2010-09-28 | views: 3,047 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Salim Garami
School: Arizona State University
Favorite Movies: Blade Runner, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Malcolm X, The Bride of Frankenstein, Ghostbusters, The Graduate, This Is England, The Terminator, The Shining (1980), Psycho (1960), King Kong (1933), The Black Cat (1934), Collateral, Sunset Boulevard, A Clockwork
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