Cam Lamothe

School: Bridgewater State University Undergraduate

Talent: Cinematographer, Editor, Lighting

About me: I work at Tufts University as a Distance Learning and Multimedia Specialist. I have a passion for making movies, and wish to pursue a career working behind the scenes. My recent work includes Heretic, which won 5 awards at our school level festival. Currently working with Golden Bacon Productions so stay tuned for more!

Cam's Teams' Movies
Silver Tripod Winner - Cinematography
Team: Part Time Creative | Bridgewater State University 2013
Silver Tripod Winner - Cinematography, Silver Tripod Winner - Best Actor, Campus Best Drama, Campus Finalist, Virgin America In-flight, Elfenworks Submission

A bullied boy makes a wish with the crack of a wishbone.

date posted: 2013-01-06 | views: 2,972 | type: Movie

Campus Best Picture
Team: Golden Bacon Productions | Bridgewater State University 2012
Campus Best Picture, Silver Tripod Winner - Directing, Silver Tripod Winner - Cinematography, Silver Tripod Winner - Best Actor, Golden Tripod Finalist, Campus Finalist

A father searches for his daughter in an Orwellian world ruled by the Hivemind.

date posted: 2012-02-27 | views: 3,412 | type: Movie

Rundown Booze
Campus Finalist
Rundown Booze
Team: Team Sizzle | Bridgewater State University 2011
Campus Finalist

A young man looking for happiness goes to a bar after a fight with his wife. He thinks about his life with three other women in the bar. The first two don't quite work out, but there is h... more

date posted: 2011-04-12 | views: 322 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Cam Lamothe
School: Bridgewater State University
Youtube: www.youtube.com/cjl1989
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