Adam Drakewolf

School: San Jose State University Alumni

Talent: Writer, Director, Editor

Currently the captain of Dark Angel Media, Wolf Cry Cinema

Adam's Teams' Movies
Campus Finalist
Team: Wolf Cry Cinema | San Jose State University 2010
Campus Finalist

A kung fu parody set in a modern day college in America.

date posted: 2010-09-20 | views: 875 | type: Movie

Fallen Angel
Campus Finalist
Fallen Angel
Team: Dark Angel Media | San Jose State University 2011
Campus Finalist

A cine-poetic story about death, acceptance, and the afterlife...

date posted: 2011-09-13 | views: 758 | type: Movie

Top Of Her Class
Regional Best Comedy
Top Of Her Class
Team: FPS | San Jose State University 2009
Regional Best Comedy, Regional Finalist, Campus Finalist

Girls are crazy.

date posted: 2010-07-14 | views: 10,034 | type: Movie

Adam's Favorites
San Jose State University
San Jose State University

Date: 2011-12-21

date posted: 2011-08-24 | type: Festival

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Full Name: Adam Drakewolf
School: San Jose State University
AIM: TheDrakeEdge
Youtube: www.youtube.com/driven12
Facebook: www.facebook.com/drakewolf
Twitter: www.twitter.com/sirdrakewolf
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