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Ien Chi

School: Emory University Undergraduate

Talent: writing, directing, editing

About me: I love connecting with the Universe and with you through stories. I'm a third culture kid, an artist, writer, idealist, religion major, philosopher, a 22 year old human dude, a bridge, a branch. I am all of these and none of these. I wish to challenge, empower, and unite through art. I hope that through my work, something within you is stirred or uplifted. Currently based in Atlanta.

Currently the captain of Ien Chi's Crew

Ien's Team's Projects
Ien Chi's Project
Ien Chi's Project
Team: Ien Chi's Crew | Emory University 2014

date posted: 2014-01-16 | views: 0 | type: Movie

Ien's Teams' Movies
GTA Nominee - Cinematography
Team: Jeffrey Shiau's Crew | Emory University 2012
GTA Nominee - Cinematography, Campus Finalist

A young man who deals with the disconnect he experiences in society.

date posted: 2012-01-30 | views: 934 | type: Movie

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Full Name: Ien Chi
School: Emory University
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